Minecraft Survival Mod

I’ve been waiting for someone to make a mod like this…one that isn’t as convoluted as Terrafirmacraft anyway. But, I waited too long and I’ve taken it upon myself.

Minecraft “Survival” mode isn’t hard to survive.

Even on HARD difficulty, it’s just too easy to thrive.

Food is too plentiful, tools/weapons/armor are easy to come by.

Once you are established, it’s just too easy.

To address this, I’ll be modding my server in the following ways:


-Cobblestone is now much harder to get. Breaking stone results in gravel and/or flint (but not always, sometimes you will get nothing)

-Punching trees will no longer get you logs. An axe is necessary to get logs.

-Saplings will drop very seldomly, so deforestation is a danger.

-All animals (even sheep and wolves) will drop meat when killed with a sword or axe. This will make eating easier, but agriculture has
taken a serious nerf.

-All animals can drop hides if killed with a sword or axe.

-All meat is cookable including rotten flesh. Raw meat can still make you sick, though. And furnaces are much harder to make.

-Most resources will only drop about 25% of the time, with some bonuses for using appropriate tools.

-Most activities will result in some XP, and farming/combat/mining/woodcutting will result in the most.

-Most crops will yeild 110% of what is put in on average (i.e. each seed will yeild 1.1 crops). Farming is far less lucrative.

-Due to increased leveling, enchanting tables are easier to make. (see below)


-Saplings can be made into sticks 1 for 1, shapeless recipe.

-Four sticks will make oak (generic) wooden planks. This is the only way to make a crafting bench without an axe.

-Cobblestone is made in a checkerboard pattern with 5 gravel and 4 clay balls (not blocks). Your first furnace will take some time.

-Paper now takes 9 sugar cane.

-Wool armor can be made of wool. All four pieces.

-Cloth armor can be made of string. All four pieces.

-All tools can be made of flint, as cobblestone is rather expensive to make now.

-Arrows can be made with bone rather than flint.

-Wheat can be cooked into bread in the furnace.

-Enchanting table recipe is now a piece of cobblestone (bottom/center) with three adjacent black wool. Two red wool finish the middle row
and a book on the top/center.

-New cookie recipe: egg, sugar, cocoa beans (shapeless)


-Skeletons have a small chance to drop their skulls.

-Squid will occasionally drop sponge.

-Zombies have a small chance to drop a plethora of different items added to their loot table.

-Villagers will drop loot now, in case you want to slaughter them.

-Gold ore will occasionally drop nuggets.

-Dead desert bushes will occasionally drop sticks.

-Grass will drop all kinds of seeds, but less often. Using a hoe increases drop rate.

-Added some new mob spawns.
Current MC version: 1.5.2



-Chainmail recipe using string and iron.

-Green dye can be used to make mossy blocks, and can be made from vines as well as cactus.

-Mushroom stew can be made by substituting on mushroom with a spider eye.

-Bone swords.

-Shears will now increase the chance of sapling drops on leaves.

-Wool can be broken down into 3 string.

-Cookies can be made with sugar, egg and cocoa beans (shapeless recipe).

~ by Ed on August 14, 2013.

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